Delete cookies

Cookies Firefox
Cookies Google Chrome
Cookies Microsoft Internet Explorer
Cookies Safari
Cookies Firefox

  • Click on the Menu (the 3 lines at the top right)
  • Click on Options
  • Go to Privacy & Security
  • Go to History
  • Click on Show Cookies … a small new window will open
  • Click on “Remove All” OR select a Cookie and click on “Remove Selected”

Cookies Google Chrome

  • Click on the “3 dots” in the top right corner and then on Settings
  • Click on Advanced at the bottom to expand it
  • Under “Privacy and security”, click Settings for content
  • Click the arrow behind Content Settings
  • Click on Cookies
  • KUnder “All cookies and site data”, click Delete All
  • Confirm by clicking Clear All.

Cookies Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Choose the option “Extra” (or “Tools”) in the menu and then the option “Internet Options” (“Internet Options”)
  • Click on the “Privacy” tab.
  • The setting with which most sites work is Medium.
  • You can specify the detailed options yourself under the Advanced button.

Cookies Safari

  • Click on Safari
  • Click Clear History
  • Select the period for which you want to delete the history
  • Click on Clear History (Clear History)